8 Stunning Paw Print Tattoos

Paw print tattoos seem to get more and more popular as time goes by. In other words, paw print tattoos are more popular now than they were last year. Last year, they were more popular than they were the year before that. 10 years ago, these types of tattoos were mainly popular amongst men. Every hunter in the world seemed like they had a paw print tattoo. Now, they’re becoming popular amongst women (see: tattoos for girls ) and for good reason. They look fantastic and you can get them virtually anywhere. Whether you get them on the hip, the hand, the foot, or the arm, paw print tattoos are definitely something to think about.

So, with that being said, we invite you to scroll down and take a look at the images below. We know that there is something here for everyone especially if you like paw print ink!

Dark Paw Print

This is an example of a very basic paw print tattoo. It’s dark, bold, and it really stands out. It’s also in a great location as many women love tattoos like this on their feet. However, if this tattoo isn’t quite what you’re looking for, scroll down and check out the next one!

Paw Print Tracks

This tattoo is perfect for those of you that like to go all out. Why get one paw print when you can get a few? That’s the kind of thinking that this person had when they got this paw print tattoo done. If you’re someone that likes a little extra, consider a tattoo like this one!

Double Paw Prints

If you’re thinking about getting a paw print tattoo with your significant other, consider getting one like this. Not only does it showcase being a couple but it also has a very wild look to it. Just in case you were wondering though, these prints are that of a wild wolf.

Detailed Paw Print

For those of you that like their tattoos a little more detailed, this magnificent work of art showcases a bear paw print in fine detail. While a tattoo like this will be a little more pricey than the tattoos above, we are confident that it will be worth every single penny.

Paw Print Lower Back

This tattoo starts on the lower back (towards the side) and works its way up. It’s almost as if the cat (that’s what the print is of) made its way up this person’s back. If you like to tell a story with your tattoos then this might be the type of tattoo you’ve been looking for. In spanish its called Tatuajes hombres @ tatudeideas.com

Forearm Paw Tattoo

This paw print tattoo is located on the forearm. While it isn’t the most popular spot for this type of tattoo, it’s still a great spot nonetheless and better than belly button piercing. Unless you can’t have visible ink for whatever reason, you should definitely consider getting a paw print tattoo on your arm.

Paw Print Tattoo With Face

Notice anything different about this tattoo? It has the face of a wolf within the paw. How cool is that? We think it’s pretty cool and that’s why we just had to include this tattoo on our list. If you want something that is truly going to turn some heads, go for one like this!

Camo Paw Print

Are you a hunter? Maybe you just like the outdoors? Either way, this is the type of tattoo that you’ve probably been looking for. We have no idea why someone didn’t think up a tattoo like this sooner but we’re definitely glad they did. What do you think about it?

So, what did you think of these 8 Stunning Paw Print Tattoos? We hope that you liked each and every one of them but just in case you didn’t, there are still more exciting lists just like this one waiting for you. Feel free to browse the site and see what tattoos you discover. It’ll be well worth your time and we promise you there is something here for everyone. If you find something that truly stands out to you, make sure you share it!